Please feel free to contact us to order or just for advice.


Leathers can be ordered over the phone (+44 1245 382134) if they are of simple rectangular shape. For curved and irregular leathers we will need a paper template cut to the exact size and shape you require. Please remember to write "Top" on the upper surface so that we don't send you a mirror image!

Things we need to know are the size and type of leather and the colour and the tooling patterns you would like. All this information is on the website, however sometimes it is preferable to see samples, so we have a brochure to help you choose. For a brochure please call 01245 382134.

The best way to contact us is through the phone:

01245 382134

Any other corespondance can be made through the address below or email, but by phone is the best way to communicate with us: