At Desktop Leathers we have a wide range of colours for you to choose from, Skivers come in a set of colours, Hide's are all hand dyed, they can either be rolled giving a smooth finish, or grained showing the natural pattern of the skin. If there is a particular colour you want then it can be hand dyed. Click on the images below to see the colours in more detail and to note down the name of the colour you would like.

*Please note that leather is a natural product and colours and textures vary; colours also vary with the light so feel free to ring and ask for samples or a brochure.

Dark RedburgundyBurgundy and Bright RedBright RedCoralCoral and Bright RedAll Redstan and mustardtanMustardGolden ParchmentdarkbrownAntique GreenOlive Greenforest greenAll GreensBluedark_blueBlueBright BlueCoral and Bluedark_greenfrench greenblack